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The Emperor Shion Onacc XIII’s Legates are the most elite soldiers in all the worlds. Resourceful, adaptive, and indisputably loyal, they are the cutting edge of the Imperial will. Keeping the peace, deposing monarchs, or squashing rebellions, there are no others who can match their strength. To those who abhor the yoke of Imperial domination, the Legates go by another name: The Emperor’s Dogs. Many have tried to “retrain” them, to turn them against the Emperor, but none have ever succeeded…until now.

Enter the heroes. Finishing the last bit of their training, they are nearly ready for the last stage of joining those elite and feared soldiers. All that remains is to stand before the Emperor himself, hear his voice, and give the Oaths of Binding. Like all who come before Onacc, they will truly live only to serve when they depart. But along comes a man, known only to them as the mysterious “Traveller.” A member of the “terrorist” group known as the Black Hand, he promises the heroes a chance to retain their free will. The price is a small one: treason.

In this campaign designed to take the party from levels 1-30, the heroes dance on the delicate edge of living as double agents. Will they overthrow the monopoly of power the Emperor holds over his worlds, or will they bring order and peace to all by taking down the Black Hand? The universe is a vast one, with worlds connected by portals dominated by the Empire. The heroes might venture to the hard and mountainous world of Forge where giants, dwarves, and warforged vie for Imperial favor in their three-way civil war. They may find themselves on the archipelago world of Attica, where demigods like Medusa, Circe, and The Minotaur battle for control of the few islands that dot its watery surface. Or their travels may take them to Lyfus, the prison world where the northern hemisphere is a fiery inferno always exposed to the sun, the southern is a frozen waste of ice and rock, and only an area a mile across is habitable by the convicts condemned to die here.


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