Character Creation

Characters in this campaign are to be created using the D&D Character Generator when possible using the standard point-buy array. Some things to note of difference:

1) To avoid the glut of “Auspicious Birth” and “Born Under a Bad Sign” selections, Backgrounds will be restricted to those under the General category and will be tied to the actual backgrounds generated by the player.

2) Standard 1st level outfitting except for the addition of one magical item. The item can be any implement, weapon, armor, etc. that carries an additive property (+1, +2, etc.) that will evolve with the PC in the following way: The item functions as a mundane item until the character’s level equals one less than the item’s level. Once it has activated it scales up in a similar manner.

3) Background stories to be co-created with the DM. No evil aligned characters to begin; should the story evolve that way, that’s fine.

Character Creation

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