The Worlds

Planet: Attica *

Climate/Terrain Types: Mostly tropical and temperate; Archipelago world with very rocky and hilly islands. 95% of surface is ocean

Demographics: Dominant aquatic race= Sahuagin; Dominant land races= 90% humans, with some genasi.

Power Center(s): Seaspray (N) = metropolis surrounded by barrier reefs, primary port that connects Attica to other worlds. Vortex (CE) = Sahuagin moot center

Significance to Empire: Minimal to Minor; in addition to trade items, Attica is prized for pearls and as a vacation spot for the nobility.

Coinage: Based on pearls (size and luster)

Interplanetary Relations: Allied satellite of the Empire.

Political Systems: Surface dwellers ruled in semi-autonomous principalities, many of which are monstrous humanoids that claim to be descended from deities.. Sahuagin grouped in tribes though contenders for monarchy rise and fall.

Legal Issues: As per prince/captain. Generally fishing is quite territorial. Deliberating bringing fire on board a ship is punishable by immediate “disembarkation.” Firearms prohibited planet-wide.

Trade: Most prevalent crops that are exported are olives and grapes (oil and wine) as well as goat cheese.

Social Classes: No real aristocracy among the locals; Princes rise to their rank through accomplishment in trade, piracy or popular acclaim.

Magic: Only prevalent source is a druidic/shamanistic tradition. Magical items not readily available for purchase. A precious few humans with heavy genasi blood have natural arcane powers.

Religion: Sahuagin worship a great shark deity; both Sahuagin and surface dwellers make offerings to Kraken but humans adhere to the chief sea deity and his demi-god offspring which rule over major city-states.

Technology: Bronze Age technology. Many items made of shaped coral, bone, and fish cartilage. Bows from baleen, oil from whale blubber.

Planet: Cush

Climate/Terrain Types: Planetary core is crystalline but surface atmosphere is made up of dense, toxic gas. Upper stratosphere is habitable and consistently of temperate climate. No native plants or carbon-based life forms. Floating/flying citadels made and supported by psicrystals and The Inspired support all immigrant life on Cush.

Demographics: Elan and Kalashtar: 25%, Inspired: 20%, Humans: 20%, Eladrin 20%, Deva 15%

Power Center(s): Krysteel (LN)= Floating metropoliswith university and headquarters for Inquisitors. Haventry (LE): capital city of The Inspired

Significance to Empire: Inquisitors and Truthsayers, psionic items, crystalware, gas for narcotic purposes.

Coinage: Standard in Krysteel, rare crystal ampoules filled with star-gas for local commerce.

Interplanetary Relations: Grudging acceptance of Imperial rule and protection

Political Systems: Mixed but rule generally held by psionic masters

Legal Issues: Outsiders and locals both have guarantees of mental privacy but this promise is often violated…

Trade: Primarily a service-oriented planet, though indigenous people have grown weak over centuries and now depend on normal form of sustenance that’s imported.

Social Classes: Kalashtar and Elan are slave races in Haventry with Inspired forming the elite ruling class. Eladrin most often live in independent city-states or caravans of flying vessels.

Magic: Little trace of primal magic here.


Technology: Standard, heavy reliance on psionics, crystal as prime building material.

+Planet: Dashar +

Climate/Terrain Types: Varied but climate-controlled in civilian areas, causing problems in less civilized regions. 70% temperate but extremes at equator and poles. Rich in natural resources.

Demographics: 65% human, 20% dragonborn, 10% other humanoids and demi-humans, 5% dragons, fey and magical creatures.

Power Center(s): Roldem, Sinchary, Tormalline, Rujije, Faldor, and Jerovia are major metropolises governed by the high lords and their dragons (Lawful cities). Emperor’s palace and city is Inarchas (LN).

Significance to Empire: Capital world of the Empire; economic and portal hub; source for most Imperial dragons and magic.

Coinage: Standard Imperial

Interplanetary Relations: Tenuous feudal support by other planets.

Political Systems: Dynastic Empire of Shion Onacc XIII supported by Aristocracy

Legal Issues: Travelers must have documentation, “red tape”, weapon permits required. Local laws differ across the world.

Trade: While rich in resources, planetary demands are great so most other allied planets supply resources in exchange for protection.

Social Classes: Standard but with growing middle class that threatens aristocracy.

Magic: Arcane magic is prevalent though controlled/monitored by the Empire. Little evidence of divine or primal magic. Some psionics from immigrants.

Religion: Monotheistic faith in creator but not a powerful force.

Technology: Renaissance-era; gun-powder and cannons, printing press, advent of steam-based technology on horizon.

Planet: Ecil

Climate/Terrain Types: Moist and lush jungles and swamps. Precipitation approximately 70% of the time in any given time. Sub-tropical to tropical. Strong reptile population. No salt-water oceans.

Demographics: Halflings 45%, lizardmen 40%, dopplegangers 5%, other 10%

Power Center(s): Endicara (N) within jungle of same name is both planetary capital and the only major metropolis and trading port.

Significance to Empire: Relatively insignificant.

Coinage: Imperial standard though most communities only barter.

Interplanetary Relations: Mostly neutral; Trade Guild makes trips to nearly all planets of the Empire.

Political Systems: Theocracy/Tribal. Endicara ruled by a queen (Naukissa) but her influence rarely extends to remote and rural areas where chieftains and shamans preside.

Legal Issues: Diplomatic immunity suggested due to priests’ ability to select daily sacrificial offerings. Anarchic outside of Endicara.

Trade: Export of wood, rare herbs, and birds. Halfings comprise membership of the primary guild of trade.

Social Classes: Tribal system is equitable to tribal members= everyone has an important role. In Endicara, priests rule over others, followed by scribes, soldiers, merchants, food harvesters, then slaves.

Magic: Priests practice strong druidic magic. Only arcane magic comes from ambassadors and a rare black dragon.

Religion: Snake god of Suul with queen as his consort.

Technology: Outside of Endicara= Primitive/Pre-metal. Within Endicara, there are some metal imported items but still quite primitive. Halflings operate at standard technology.

+Planet: Forge +

Climate/Terrain Types: Very rocky and mountainous; primarily temperate to sub-arctic. Many evergreens below tree line and good variety of fauna including mammoths, mountain lions, and large horses.

Demographics: Forge is controlled by three warring races: dwarves 45%, giants (including goliaths) 30%, warforged/other constructs 15% (quickly rising). Others 10%

Power Center(s): Mineholt (LN)= Dwarven capital and Imperial port; Stormspire(N)=giant capital and Imperial port; The Heart (N)= warforged capital and Imperial port

Significance to Empire: Wealth of precious metals and iron ore, shock troops for military, craftsmen.

Coinage: Standard Imperial

Interplanetary Relations: Due to civil war, all three sides recognize Imperial authority. Each group tries to woo over other ambassadors and gain recognition.

Political Systems: Dwarves ruled by a thane from the most honorable family. Giants ruled by storm giants with council formed by other giant races to advise. Warforged leadership is unknown but there is no dissenting voice or power.

Legal Issues: Warforged guard secrets of The Heart with lethal force. Travel between dwarven lands and giant lands is risky.

Trade: Clockwork mechanisms, powder, metals exported for agricultural products and wood.

Social Classes: All the dwarves and giants are clannish, coming together in moots to pick a thane/king (respectively). Giants grouped by sub-races with ogres at the bottom and goliaths just above them. Warforged have no classes.

Magic: Standard but heavy emphasis on primal power

Religion: Warforged are atheistic; both giants and dwarves believe in a deity in the planetary core.

Technology: Powder weapons available (cannons, muskets, etc.) and many clockwork mechanisms. Dwarves and warforged both working on steam power.

Planet: Frjst

Climate/Terrain Types: Tundra below 15 degrees S and 15 degrees N has 12 months of winter. Between the 15 degree parallels (equatorial area) the land is frozen for 9 months averaging at 40 degrees in the summer. Within this area, caribou, seals, polar bears, lemmings, as well as short grass and moss. Frostfell hazards like blood ice abound.

Demographics: Little to no life outside of equatorial areas. Neaderthal 30%, snow elves 20%, humans 20%, other 20%

Power Center(s): Myr (CE) and Telhur (LG)= metropolises and trade centers

Significance to Empire: Frjst crystals, furs, undead/necromantic magic

Coinage: Standard in imperial areas, barter elsewhere

Interplanetary Relations: Civilized regions remain loyal to Empire

Political Systems: Magocracy in Myr/ Monarchy in Telhur/ Tribalism elsewhere

Legal Issues: Both metropolises have bans on the other insofar as entry. Hunitng licenses needed for non-natives.

Trade: Heavy import of food stuffs and other raw materials by those who can afford them in exchange for Frjst crystals and magic.

Social Classes: Myr: Wizards and their private armies above all others. Telhur has an aristocracy but no slavery.

Magic: Arcane magic prevalent (mostly spontaneous casters), primal and divine magic available but limited by environmental factors.

Religion: Tribal shamanism in most regions, evil cult in Myr

Technology: Most areas are primitive but major towns and cities are standard.

Planet: Ixar

Climate/Terrain Types: Various extreme climates: Tundra, desert, swamp, volcanic regions, and vast tracts of wasteland with little natural beauty. Trees are gnarled and twisted, heavy stench of sulfur and waste in the air, pollution in major cities.

Demographics: 50% Orcs, orogs, 15% tieflings and devils, 15% human, 5% outsiders of fire-subtype

Power Center(s): Nine major city-states (LE) and empires devoted to devils. Primary amongst these is Nyte (city-port w/ empire)

Significance to Empire: Ixar remains single greatest threat to the security of the Empire despite current truce. Produces significant magical items.

Coinage: Varies in each kingdom but red gold is commonly accepted.

Interplanetary Relations: No real allies, hostile towards Slivylle.

Political Systems: Theocracy and intricate religious hierarchy. Nyte is sole republic though very corrupted.

Legal Issues: Laws are strict, demanding, and tied to social classes of the offender and accused. Punishments are severe and unforgiving. Wisest to keep head down and a low profile.

Trade: Many slaves and food-stuff is imported; exportation of weapons and spells.

Social Classes: High priests at the pinnacle followed by lesser zealots. Tiny middle class that work through kingdoms and with Empire. Massive class of serfs and slaves.

Magic: Vile and corrupt magic is prevalent. “Evil” and destructive spells cast at greater power while those associated with “goodness” or healing are weaker. Common fire magic. No good aligned divine casters.

Religion: Everyone outside of Nyte pays lip-service to one of “The Nine.” Religion is a tool to control, oppress, and maintain grip on planet.

Technology: Iron Age technology. Some powder weapons have been smuggled in but Empire has banned them on Ixar. Evocation and other destructive items can be found here.

Planet: Lyfus “The Ribbon World”

Climate/Terrain Types: 49.8% of the surface is exposed to the sun 24-7 since pole aimed at sun= this surface is a roiling, swirling, inhospitable place of magma and toxic gas except for fire elementals. Another 49.8% of the surface never sees the sun= frozen solid inhabited by some earth and ice elementals. 0.4% is barely habitable ribbon of perpetual twilight, frequent cold and hot fronts can kill the unprepared. This central ribbon has some iron-barked trees and hardy shrubs.

Demographics: Prison world made up of hodge-podge of humanoid and monstrous races.

Power Center(s): Qo, primary port of entry. One way only; small warring camps hold power (CE)

Significance to Empire: Used as a dumping ground for prisoners so government can truthfully answer inquisitors if asked about survivors or those killed. Recently discovered tanium and florium deposits.

Coinage: None, bartering in goods, slaves, and services.

Interplanetary Relations: None

Political Systems: While some racial groups band together, Qo is warded by a massive black dragon that was one of the first exiled here.

Legal Issues: Strong survive, weak perish

Trade: None

Social Classes: Based primarily on racial allowances. Most women kept as chattel amongst prison groups.

Magic: Little arcane or divine magic. Some prisoners have spontaneous casting or psionic abilities.

Religion: Varies, Cult of the Wyrm (black dragon)

Technology: Primitive, some centers have higher technology but lack resources to repair or innovate

Planet: Slivylle*

Climate/Terrain Types: Varied climate, surface is covered with 75% foliage including Grand Grunds in northern hemisphere. Many sylvan and faerie creatures as well as magical, dire, and mundane animals. Some areas are blighted by an unknown source; these areas are quarantined by druids, clear-cut lines and dire beasts.

Demographics: 60% elves, 15% gnomes, 15% treants, 10% goblinoid

Power Center(s): Greensky (outsiders not typically allowed), Mayene (CG) is the key portal city, though others exist. Praras= cat-folk capital city

Significance to Empire: Timber, Ironwood, mithril, game, herbs, healing potions

Coinage: In Mayene, standard. Elsewhere, barter, heart-stones, and gems.

Interplanetary Relations: Independent but grudging acceptance of Imperial authority. Distrust of Ecil and Forge.

Political Systems: Elves ruled by a council of Elders

Legal Issues: No hunting or poaching; fire controlled by fire guild for outsiders.

Trade: Relatively self-sufficient, but imperials enforce “free trade” laws.

Social Classes: Elves treat each other equally within clans.

Magic: Strong druidic traditions (primal), divine, and arcane magic

Religion: Belief in earth goddess, Almeara, and her antithesis, The Beast.

Technology: Standard, but little metal (other than mithral). Little use of stone, most things shaped of wood

The Worlds

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